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Knowing how much courage and emotional sacrifice it must have taken for you to entrust the care of your child to strangers, we strive to safeguard their welfare, taking it as the foremost objective of the center’s existence.

In line with this, we have hired exceptional childcare staff, teachers, and caregivers to deliver the care your loved ones need the most. Our staff is thoroughly screened for criminal records, training, education, experience, personal background, and personality checks. They are all substantially certified in Pediatric CPR, First Aide Measures, and Fire Extinguisher Training.

Each caregiver takes care of a minimum number of children in order to give the utmost attention to each child. They will oversee the maintenance of a child-friendly classroom and see to it that the children’s physiological needs are met throughout the day.

At Unity Child Care Development School, your child receives mother-like love, pampering, nurturing, and encouragement. We take it as an honor to be considered as your child’s second family.

Reporting Professional Misconduct
Standards of Ethical Conduct 2021