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We Have a Broad Range of Helpful Programs for Kids

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Meals and Snacks
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Before School
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After School
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For Toddlers Up to Kindergarten
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Our Curriculum
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Infant Care

Unity Child Care Development School offers childcare programs that cater to toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, as well as school-age children. Our activities are diverse and varied to make way for the children’s multiple intelligences and individual learning styles. They are highly selected and planned in advance by our childcare staff according to the children’s age and developmental stage.

The focus of our programs is on the advancement of your child’s full potential. Recognizing the genius in every child, we strive each day to hone each aspect of their ability and personality by directing our efforts towards the development of the following:

  • Language. To use language as the basic tool for future learning endeavors.
  • Cognitive Intelligence. Strength in mind, cultivating the power to make wise decisions.
  • People-Smart Intelligence. Social awareness and responsibility of actions towards others.
  • Value Formation and Clarification. To produce learners with character.
  • Emotional Growth. Make them feel loved and supported so they can spawn the same to others.
  • Respect for Diversity. Open-mindedness to the world’s differences in culture and possessing the right attitude towards being one amidst differences.
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